Nespresso Limited Edition Master Origin Costa Rica

Master Origin coffee range offers examples of the highest level of coffee craftsmanship that the world has to offer. Master Origin flavors cross continents, cultures and climates, hailing from five locations: Nicaragua, India, Indonesia, Colombia and Ethiopia, allowing us to travel the world. Here are my two favorites:

Master Origin Nicaragua: In this slow, patient process, this strain is carefully rotated in the sun to absorb all of the natural flavors of its fruit. The result is a coffee with a smooth texture and a flavor that balances a sweet honey and cereal.

Master Origin Ethiopia: This African bean is cultivated to soak up a range of flavors from its fruit by drying in the heat while the bean is still in its cherry. Expect to find different fruit and floral notes, especially that of the orange blossom flower.

All five coffees varieties of the Master Origin permanent range are possible for us to enjoy thanks to the farmers that are part of the Nespresso’s AAA program that ensures environmental protection and enhancement of the farmer welfare while producing highest quality Nespresso coffees.

And new to the Master Origin range comes the Limited Edition Master Origin Costa Rica.
High in the Costa Rican mountains, one is privy to a truly rich natural environment. In addition to the beautiful scenery of rainforests and volcanic rock formations, you’ll find coffee and sugar cane fields that line the hills and valleys. An old tradition in the nearby communities, farmers use the Orosi mineral hot springs for a method that isn’t used anywhere but here. Only selected, high quality Arabica beans are chosen to soak in the rainforest hot spring waters. In handpicking the best for this technique, highly-skilled farmers in the Central Highlands use a rare process to bring out the full-bodied malty cereal flavor profile.

I fully enjoy the plentiful flavor of the Master Origin Costa Rica coffee which I prefer black and in the beautiful cups designed by India Madhavi that have a rounded shape with textures inspired by the coffee beans.

Go on a jungle adventure with the new Master Origin Costa Rica of Nespresso!

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso. 

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