Fashion Designer LIDA NOBA

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This year’s Mode Suisse fashion show, which featured up-and-coming Swiss designers, left such a positive impression on me that I decided to get to know my favorite of the designers in person.

I recently had the chance to meet Persian Zurich-based fashion designer LIDA NOBA. Lida Nobakht has been working in the fashion industry for over ten years now creating chic and elegant women’s fashion.

Her pieces are exclusively tailor-made at her lovely house in Kilchberg. I had a look at her clothes and tried some of them. I like the colors, textiles, feminine touch and classiness of her designs. I also appreciate her attention to detail that makes each outfit so individual and unique.

If you are interested in seeing more outfits from LIDA NOBA, here is the website: and here is her email in case you would like to order:

Her dresses, blouses and skirts exhibit lovely feminine touches that are the perfect attributes of every lady 🙂

Have a look at some pieces from her last collections below:


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