Läderach Fresh Chocolate

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I am so happy to live in the country famous for its chocolate and to be able to enjoy the most fresh and locally prepared treats. One of my top favorite Swiss chocolate brands Läderach conquered me just when I arrived to Switzerland with its freshly broken aromatic hand prepared chocolate bars of endless varieties from the unusual raspberry-blackberry to classy dark with roasted almonds. For the first time I saw the big chocolate bars nicely arranged in a boutique and just could not resist not to try.

Getting to the know the brand better it was great to learn that the core value of this family company is sustainable quality from the cacao bean to the fresh chocolate bars. Läderach can boast of 22 chocolate varieties freshly and locally produced in the canton of Glarus and in a few days delivered to chocolate shops. Carefully broken pieces are individually sorted and stylishly packaged at the counter in the chocolatiers around the globe. Hazelnut, almond, cranberry, blackberry, grand cru and many other creations are there to be enjoyed in the stores or ordered online.

I love the inviting chocolate aroma in the boutiques and try every time to taste something different, discovering the world of traditional Swiss chocolate making. For a summer picnic combined with fruits and berries, cozy coffee ritual at home or apero time at the lake – fresh Läderach chocolate is always a great idea!

Photos by Elisa Hutter

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