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I am a strong believer in the importance of image and style as a means of self-expression, emphasis of one’s best qualities and support in achieving professional and life goals. This is a sentiment shared by Christina from Style Whisperer, a stylist based in Zurich who I had a pleasure to work with recently.

Christina uses unique methods to pinpoint one’s individual style. In her approach, she defines a personality type based on physical features and analyses the psychological aspects of the person. “I offer women the possibility to understand themselves better, to (re)connect with who they are and what they really want,” she says. To identify these types Christina uses the Enneagram model.

It was exciting to discover which style suited me and educate myself about the link between personal style and character features. For example, according to the Enneagram I’m considered an enthusiast — someone who is curious, full of energy, and ready to discover new experiences and people; I can express this through light and airy fabrics, eclectic styles and accessories, and clashing colors. At the same time, as a perfectionist (my supporting Enneagram type) it is natural for me to wear traditional cuts as well as defined and put-together hairstyles.

Christina referred to my style as “The Hollywood Glamour of the 1930s,” when elegance is the focus and is highlighted by a romantic character with chic and retro elements. I sincerely embrace this image and now know why and how to wear it better.

When discovering your unique style identity it is important to have a good guide and assistant to help you interact with fashion that suits your personality type. The best way to do this is to seek out a talented stylist who has excellent taste and can show you how you look through their eyes. This outside perspective is truly valuable when it comes from someone with the knowledge to back up their opinions.

Outfits and shooting locations: The House of Brands Jelmoli, Zurich

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Introducing Christina @style.whisperer , a personal stylist from Zurich who I had a pleasure to work with recently. Christina opened to me a new approach in looking at individual style story, namely based on physical features combined with the psychological aspects. Still happily going through my own style book she created – called "The Hollywood Glamour of the 1930s” when modern elegance is the focus and is highlighted by chic & retro elements. More on ✨ Представляю вам Кристину из Style Whisperer, персонального стилиста из Цюриха, которая открыла для меня уникальный подход к индивидуальному стилю: определения типа личности на основе физических черт и психологических особенностей, используя концепцию типов личности – эннеаграмму. Кристина назвала мой стиль "Голливудским гламуром 30-х годов", когда современная элегантность находится в центре и подчеркивается ретро элементами. Подробности уже на сайте! Outfits by @jelmoli #stylewhisperer #zurichstylist #personalstylist #swissglam #hollywoodglamour #mypersonalstyle #swissblog #jelmoli

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