Photo Schweiz 2016

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Photo16, which will debut at the Maag-Halle in Zurich on 08.01.16 and run through 12.01.16,is one of the largest exhibitions of Swiss photography, featuring the works of over 150 amateur and professional Swiss photographers, as well as some international guests. The photos on exhibit were taken in 2015, and some of them are being displayed for the first time. The five-day long exhibition is complemented by additional exhibitions, off-spaces and photo forums with lectures by photography icons.

This exhibition has become one of the most influential and renowned photo events in Europe. On an annual basis, photographers display their favorite works over the past year in the 4 000 square meter industrial hall of Zurich Maag Halle.

I enjoyed the opening and had a great time admiring the variety of photos; everything from various people, locations and events from all over the world were captured. The art of photography fascinates and motivates me, and I am glad that there are events like this in Switzerland. SwissGlam highly recommends Photo16! Enjoy!

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Pit Buehler
Pit Buehler
Pit Buehler
Pit Buehler
Charles-Elie Lathion
Charles-Elie Lathion
DSC_0062 2
Anja Wurm

DSC_0027 2

DSC_0001 2

Dalia Frettchen
Helen Bucher
Helen Bucher

DSC_0042 2

Pit Buehler_Photo_Schweiz
Photo Credit: Pit Buehler
Photo credit: Christian Bobst
Photo credit: Christian Bobst
Charles-Elie Lathion_Photo_Schweiz
Photo Credit: Charles-Elie Lathion