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The daring, erotic show Ohlala SEXY – CRAZY – ARTISTIC takes place every year in Switzerland in Dübendorf, next to Zurich. The show produced by Gregory Knie combines dancing, acrobatics and music.

Gregory und Rolf Knie, the most famous and creative circus producers in Switzerland, belong to the circus dynasty Knie that operates the internationally renowned Swiss National Circus. After the successful launch in 2002 of the winter circus Salto Natale, the father and son team created in 2011 the Ohlala show.

Experience sensuality, sexiness, soft dancing movements and amazing ballet, aerial and water acrobatic performances at «Ohlala – SEXY – CRAZY – ARTISTIC» show.

Air Force Center

Überlandstrasse 255

Dübendorf, Switzerland

Photo by Lukas Pitsch

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