Abarth and Riva Collaboration


After discovering the highlights of Italian style during the Milano Design Week, we had a great ride in a scenic location in northern Italy aboard the brand new Abarth Rivale 695 and Abarth 124 Spider.

Elegant and sporty, the Abarth 695 Rivale is the result of a collaboration between big figures in the Italian manufacturing industry: carmaker Abarth and luxury yacht builder Riva. Two aquamarine stripes stretch along the midsection of the Abarth, and the badge (that can be personalized on request) is fitted with the same screws as those used in Rica yachts.

The Abarth limited special series combines tradition and innovation, as well as elegance and performance. Furthermore, it is very comfortable and efficient to drive (Abarth 695 Rivale 180 PS; Abarth 124 spider 170 PS).

After getting a feel of the cars by driving along lake Iseo, we had an amazing excursion to the headquarters and boatyard of Riva in beautiful Sarnico. Riva is one of the oldest boat manufacturers and is part of the Ferretti Group.At headquarters we had a glimpse into the manufacturing process and toured the office and visitors’ lounge. .

The boat ride on the lake was amazing and was further enhanced by the stylish and glamorous yacht which features wooden and leather elements and incredible 740 PS.

I enjoyed la dolce vita discovering Abarth and Riva while enjoying gorgeous lake Iseo, a hidden gem unspoiled by tourism. Now it’s your turn;)