Blesq Waves Collection – Swiss Jewelry Brand

The Swiss high jewelry brand Blesq was founded in 2005 by the Akreum family business. The Akreums are famous for trading luxurious and innovative handcrafted products. For several generations they have been sourcing only the finest fair-trade materials from certified mines.

Blesq specializes in diamonds that comply with quality assurance measures, as well as in custom-made pieces of jewelry which are truly unique masterpieces. I got the chance to get to know the brand better at the launch of Blesq’s new Waves Collection in Zurich.

The Waves Collection is an ode to the ocean, expressed by wavy shapes, maritime colors and sparkling diamonds. The new collection includes six luxurious pieces made of 18k white gold, diamonds and gems: includes necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings. The heart of the collection is the extraordinary Waves Masterpiece, a piece consisting of earrings and an ear climber, decorated with diamonds, sapphire, aquamarine and opals. The flowing shapes, moving lines and facets underscore female sensuality while exhibiting both modern touches and timeless elegance.

During the glamorous Blesq evening in Zurich, I got to meet the face of the new collection – the gorgeous South Korean actress Ka- Young Mun. Mun presented the pieces to guests alongside Alexander D. Kuenzi, CEO of the Wealthyard Group, and Blesq designer Milena Linde.

All of the models from the Waves Collection are now available at the Blesq boutique in Zug and in their online store

Darya von Bergen wearing:

Waves long pendant in 18k white gold with 173 diamonds;

Waves studs in 18k white gold with with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Dress: Lida Noba.

Blesq Boutique

Kolinplatz 6

6300 Zug, Switzerland

Alexander D. Kuenzi CEO of the Wealthyard Group

Ka- Young Mun and Darya von Bergen
Korean actress Ka- Young Mun
Korean actress Ka- Young Mun

Photo Credit: Eduard Meltzer


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