On the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, I would like to introduce you to Boghossian, a unique Swiss high class jewelry brand based in Geneva.

The exceptional gemstones and unique Arabesque, Persian and Mughal designs of the brand are inspired by the Boghossian family’s numerous trips around the globe over the centuries.

The “Art of Inlay” technique reinterprets an ancient Egyptian craft of setting gemstones within gemstones that makes them look even more pure and elegant.

The special design of the precious stones delicately placed side by side has a very romantic name – “Kissing Diamonds”.

The innovative techniques of the jeweler’s art and savoir-faire when working with gems make Boghossian stand out and take a special place among jewelry brands.

Below you will find some photos of the exquisite pieces from the new collection by the jewelry designer Edmond Chin, who is now the creative Director of the Maison.

Boutiques of Boghossian around the globe:

Geneva: Rue du Rhône 42; + 41 22 900 00 30​

London: 45a Old Bond Street; + 44 207 495 0885​

Hongkong: 3509A Edinburgh Tower, The Landmark, Central; +852 2805 5805​

Kissing ring morganite

RGIR 24 KopieDiamond inlaid into morganite ring Kopie

ERGD 192 KopieOval-shaped diamond #A89E32

ERGD 191




RGID 127 KopieIRGI 476





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