Bus Tour Zurich Airport

Bus tour zurich airport

I love travelling. The atmosphere of an airport embodies a sense of upcoming adventure as the bustle of arrivals and departures fill the air. That is why, without having any concrete plans to travel somewhere, I decided to go on a bus tour of the Zurich airport. The tour has a lot to offer. First, after passing through security, you get to visit the observation deck where one can spend some time delighting in a snack whilst enjoying the view of the planes on the tarmac and the main airport terminal. There is a playground for kids as well. Then the tour group gathers at the observation deck, a guide, usually an airport employee, will invite you into a spacy bus where he or she will share very interesting insights during the tour about everything that is situated within the airport territory.

During the tour I saw the takeoff of the Airbus A 380 (by Emirates). You can watch in my video below. It was exciting to drive through the docks, international post office centre, hangars and huge halls where airplanes get repaired, painted and furnished.

It was exciting to learn how the airport system works and how much money, time and resources it takes for everything to function well.

The tour is in Swiss German and costs 15 CHF (plus 5 CHF for the entry to the observation deck, where you can stay for as long as you want after the tour.

Here is the website with all the details.