Hotel Chateau Gütsch

Hotel Chateau Gütsch, a marvellous castle located high up in the mountain region that can be seen from any spot in the lower city center. Chateau Gütsch is a boutique hotel, boasting 27 quaint rooms and a restaurant designed in the Belle-Epoque fashion and built in 1888. This Lucerne landmark offers a spectacular view of the mountains, historic city center and Vierwaldstätter lake.

I explored the garden, bar and lobby of the chateau. I was impressed by the chic, medieval flair of the interior, and the views from my room and from the terrace are just incredible! The bar which is on the ground floor next to the lobby, was my favorite place to spend time. It is very spacious, with numerous tables and a lounge area offering comfy armchairs and sofas.

Everyone who visits Lucerne ought to discover the Chateau Gütsch, either by spending the night, having a meal in the nice restaurant or just a drink in the beautiful bar. It is really magical, bringing one back in time to medieval Switzerland 🙂

chateau guetsch hotel

chateau guetsch hotel4