Dinner at the Restaurant Razzia in Zurich

Razzia is a lovely restaurant housed in one of the many old and beautiful neoclassical buildings of Seefeld. Seefeld is one of my favorite regions of Zurich thanks to its downtown location and close proximity to the lake.

I recently went to Razzia for the first time to have dinner and was very impressed! We enjoyed Razzia’s cuisine tremendously (check out the pictures below to see our meal: for starters we had green salad with orange ginger dressing, roasted cashew nuts and pomelo, king crab and lobster cocktail with avocado, fennel, pomelo chutney and hibiscus salt. Our main course consisted of veal paillard with lemon jus and spinach, as well as Hereford beef filet. I also had a chance to go inside the kitchen to meet the chef and his team. The desserts were amazing too. We enjoyed iced coffee and Razzia’s house special. I was impressed by the grandeur of the restaurant and the amazingly high ceilings. The comfy sofas and chairs, big chandeliers and arched windows all contributed to the castle-esque feeling of the restaurant. I would definitely recommend Razzia!

Razzia is situated at Seefeldstrasse 82, 8008 Zurich. Tel: 044 296 70 70. Tables can be reserved online through local.ch.

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