enSoie Zurich – Swiss Fashion Brand

I got acquainted with creative people from the label En Soie at the fashion show Mode Suisse 2015 that features Swiss-based designers and labels.
En Soie is a family-owned business that was founded in 1974 in Zurich by Monique Meier. Her daughter, Anna Meier, became art director of the firm and is now leading the design team, whilst also working on jewelry, clothes and accessories. The boutique is located in Zurich Old Town at Strehlgasse 26.

I was happy to learn that en Soie supports social and ecological sustainability. All of the fabrics used by the firm, including cotton, silk, cashmere and wool, are of high quality and free of harmful substances.

The blue dress and blouses I picked out for the photo shoot are made of hand-printed satin silk (100% silk), the bordeaux dress is made of the finest Italian woolcrepe (100% wool), and the sweater was crafted from fine cashmere and is hand embroidered. The ring is 100% sterling silver and is nicely engraved.

All their clothes, jewelry and accessories can be purchased from their online shop as well.