Fidelio Zurich Boutique

For those interested in fashion, let me introduce you to Fidelio Zurich, one of my favorite boutiques. What first attracted me to this shop was its experimental, modern and refreshing selection of designer labels.

Both Fidelio Zurich Women and Fidelio Zurich Men are located in the heart of the city and have been in business for over 30 years. Fidelio Women specifically can be found in Münzplatz, a beautiful part of old town.

Fidelio is managed by the brother-sister duo Marco and Eliana Kunz. Marco is the founder and CEO, and Eliana is the store manager of both boutiques, plus a buyer for Fidelio Women. The shop also carries its own inhouse brand, “Fidelio,” which is a great line of basics for men and women. The styles are classic, simple, and made from high quality fabrics that are mostly produced in Europe under fair working conditions. In respect to ethical and environmental responsibility, Fidelio avoids purchasing fur and down. In fact, Marco Kunz and his partner even run an organic farm together.

Beneath you will find my AW 16 style story with my top favorite labels, all of which can be found and purchased now at the Fidelio Zurich Women location in Münzpl. 1, 8001.

Fidelio Zurich

Fidelio Zurich Women

Fidelio Women Zurich4

Fidelio Women Zurich6

Fidelio Women Zurich

Fidelio Women Zurich5

Fidelio Women Zurich12

Fidelio Women Zurich2

Fidelio Women Zurich13

Fidelio Zurich Women

Fidelio Women Zurich1

Fidelio Women Zurich8

Look 1. Dress: self-portrait; Sneakers: Acne Studios; Cardigan: Acne Studios; Sunglasses: Acne Studios

Look 2. Top: self-portrait; Leather jacket: Acne Studios; Trousers: Ganni; Shoes: Acne Studios; Sunglasses: Acne Studios; String bag: private

Look 3. Dress: self-portrait; Blazer: Dsquared 2; Sunglasses: Acne Studios

Look 4. Dress: Ganni; Cap: Isabel Marant Etoile; Pullover: Isabel Marant Etoile; IPhone case: Iphoria; Socks: Isabel Marant; Shoes: BOY

Look 5. Dress: self-portrait; Boots: Isabel Marant; Sunglasses: Acne Studios

Photos: Michael Meier; Hairdesign: Lark Ring; Makeup: Zakiya Jordan Singleton from Style Council; Styling: Fidelio


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