Jelmoli at The Cirlce – Zurich Airport

The Circle is a 180 000sqm, innovative space at Zurich airport providing the feel of countless possibilities the minute travellers land, opened its doors in November 2020. Riken Yamamoto is the architect behind this masterpiece; his goal was to express the high standard of living and beauty of contemporary Switzerland.  The Circle creates a lively and dynamic ecosystem to communicate and represent that Switzerland is the prime location of futuristic design and innovation.

There is no question why Jelmoli picked The Circle as its new location. Jelmoli has been known for being “house of brands” making the circle the perfect location to marry premium brands with beauty and innovation. Introducing Jelmoli to The Circle is perfect, even for locals to enjoy a Sunday stroll with some light shopping, which is of course convenient for tourists traveling via Switzerland as well.

A total of some 2000 square meters and four floors each with an attractive lifestyle range draws  shoppers in  for some much needed shopping, because let’s face it, after this year we all need to treat ourselves! The façade, which was designed especially for Jelmoli by the Mint Architecture firm, is also spectacular. Overall, the company believes in the high quality of the location, as Zurich Airport offers the ideal platform and infrastructure to strengthen Jelmoli as a premium brand department store for an international and local customers .

“In addition, just as we did when we built today’s Bahnhofstrasse, where Jelmoli built the Glass Palace in 1899, we can be involved from the very beginning when a new location with enormous potential is created. This has pioneering spirit”

explains Nina Muller, Jelmoli CEO. Just in time for the festive season, Jelmoli at The Circle could be the perfect place to get the best gifts for loved ones.

Photos by Jelmoli Zurich