Opera Ball Zurich 2015

opera ball zurich

For the first time in my life, I attended a ball! The Opera Ball in Zurich is an annual event that takes place downtown at the Zurich Opera House, right at the lakeside. I’ve been to the Zurich Opera House a few times before for some performances and events and just love this building!

This particular evening was truly magical! A red carpet and fire torches decorated the entrance to the theatre where guests were arriving. I absolutely enjoyed looking at people all dressed up in their evening gowns and tuxedos!

When I entered the main hall where the ball was to take place, I was stood in amazement by its beauty and charm! The wonderful chandeliers, nicely decorated dinner tables, orchestra, and other gallant elements made one believe that s/he was at a ball sometime in the 19th century. In this hall the main guests were invited to dine before the performance, so I had the chance to visit other rooms of the Opera House and even got to go outside to the lakeside terrace for a minute to admire the great view.

I was seated in the balcony and watched the performance from above with other guests. The evening recital included pieces from two opera singers, Ballet Zurich and lovely debutantes, all of whom put on a great performance. Afterwards everyone was invited to waltz. In addition to dancing, there were many ways to enjoy the evening – playing casino games, listening to piano music, drinking exclusive champagne, eating mussels, or taking funny pictures in the photo room.

At midnight, stars of the ‘90s came on stage, including musical band Boney M. It was so fun to sing to their hits, dance and just have a great time surrounded by festive atmosphere.

I had a great time at this event! It was the perfect mix of glam, elegance, classical music, dance and high society.