Queen: The Studio Experience Montreux

Queen: The Studio Experience in Montreux is an exhibition which gives fans a glimpse into the legendary band’s most pivotal creative periods. 

From 1978 – 1995, Queen recorded off and on in Mountain Studios, based out of Montreux, Switzerland, coming up with many famous tracks for six of their acclaimed albums. Visitors have access to the control room, original instruments, handwritten lyrics, and have the opportunity to sit in the same studio chair that Freddie Mercury did during his recording sessions. You can even make your own mixes of Queen tracks from the mixing board.

Opened since 2013, the Studio Experience showcases the atmosphere that inspired many of Queen’s beloved songs. One of the main focuses of the exhibition is Freddie Mercury’s connection with Montreux and the surrounding area, which he and his bandmates considered a retreat from fame. Over the years they developed a great love for the town, and this is where he spent his final months working on his last recordings.

The Studio Experience in Montreux is put on by the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a non-profit which was created to honor Freddie Mercury and push forward the fight against HIV. This is a great cause to contribute to, and a unique way to experience and pay tribute to such a celebrated life.

In 1996 a three metres high bronze statue of Freddie was erected in Montreux on the edge of Lake Geneva as a tribute to one of the town’s most famous former residents.

Photos: The Studio Experience Montreux

Timeline of Queen’s activities at Mountain Studios
Memorabilia from Queen’s 15th album Made In Heaven (1995)
Iconic costumes from UK and international concerts
Replica set up of the original Mountain Studio recording studio

A replica of mixing console on which visitors can remix classic Queen tracks
Original handwritten lyrics and a game of scrabble
The Mercury Phoenix Trust, set up by Brian May, Roger Taylor and Jim Beach in memory of Freddie Mercury

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In Montreux with Freddie. In this scenic location in their Swiss based Mountain Studios Queen regularly recorded between 1978 – 1995, working on many songs from six of their most popular albums. The Studio Experience Montreux Exhibition is open to public for everyone to discover original Queen handwritten song lyrics, band members’ own instruments and costumes, studio tape boxes and specially created interactive audio and visual environments @officialqueenmusic ???На набережной Монтре с Фредди Меркьюри. Группа Queen любила это место и с 1978 – 1995 записывала песни к шести самым популярным альбомам в свой швейцарской студии Mountain Studios. Выставка Queen – The Studio Experience открыта для посетителей в здании казино. #swissglam #montreux #монтре #montreuxriviera #mountainstudios #freddiemercury #queenband #freddiemercuryqueen #фреддимеркьюри

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  1. Daryl Moir - a woman Reply

    I’m a huge fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen and no one that is special, because everyone loved them. I love everything about them. Freddie was so “real a person.” He always said it like it was and you could like it or lump it…your choice. I loved how he loved life and wanted to do and see everything (as long as it wasn’t boring..God forbid darlings, bordam can kill you.) I think we all must feel that if he had been more cautious and had taken the whole AIDS thing more seriously, he’d still be with us today!! He did tell Mary in the movie “he wasn’t afraid of anything” so there you go. I have read 7 different books on them, I am working on getting the last two or three cd’s to complete my collection of their music. i also want to get all their videos as part of this overall collection I have. Now, in mentioning the other members of Queen, I admire them a lot as highly professional musicians, but a ‘top notch’ group of professional, compassionate, empathetic and understanding people. They were and are a ‘class act’ of individuals There is one thing that surprises me and I guess I don’t understand this. The Freddie Mercury AIDS Foundation was established by Jim Beach (I also loved him) along with Brian May and Roger Taylor. Why was John Deacon not part of the establishment of this Foundation?? From everything I’ve read, John was truly traumatized when Freddie died and my readings seem to indicate that played a big part in him dropping out as a Queen band member and becoming so reclusive. I’d love to have an answer to this, if anyone has the explanation. I love people who have no trouble “being real” no matter the cost. I love different in fashion…who wants to look like everyone else. I love people who do what they want to do even at the expense of disapproval by others (as long as they aren’t hurting anybody). It’s a cliche, I know, but no one has or will be able to live up to another Freddie Mercury in any way…his voice…his fashion sense…being able to get 60,000 people on their own to sing Bohemian Rhapody in Wimbly Stadium and know all the words to the song and sing in unisen, let alone a croud of thousands upon thousands singing on queue whenever Freddie wanted them to. He was outrageous in every way and didn’t care and was the best at poking fun at himself or letting others poke fun at him. He was gay, but who cares!! His overall uniqueness in all ways will never be duplicated again. He truly was a LEGEND not a rock star!! May he forever rain on his thrown as the very best of the best in everything he did and said. I love you Freddie, Queen members and Jim Hutton. I hope you and Freddie are together and that your love for each other becomes stronger and stronger as each day goes by.

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