Re-Opening Pinko Zurich Boutique 2023

The Pinko Zurich boutique re-opening took place on October 26, hosted by Pinko representatives from Italy and organized by SwissGlam and Rossiello Communications

Nestled in the heart of the historic Strehlgasse 9, this 125-square-meter store echoes the opulence of Italian women’s fashion brand’s Via Montenapoleone flagship store in Milan, setting a new standard for contemporary chic in the Swiss city. The use of satin brass finishes, dedicated iconic bag and shoe areas, and velvet-lined dressing rooms all contribute to a luxurious shopping experience. 

The fun Opening Cocktail Party pulsated with the rhythmic beats of the Curly Brothers’ DD set. Stylish photography moments were made courtesy of the Italian photographer Francesco Gaù. A mix of influencers, VIPs, and the creative crowd of Zurich brought the boutique to life, each step echoing with Pinko’s fusion of femininity and glamour.

The exclusive dinner at LUX Restaurant in Zurich with 30 guests, including press and influencers, added an element of intimacy and exclusivity to the celebration. This private gathering at the newly opened restaurant reflected the brand’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for its valued customers and partners.

Pinko’s retail presence in Zurich is a dedication to expanding the brand’s empire, joining the ranks of illustrious locations such as Via Montenapoleone in Milan, Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris, Regent Street in London, Aoyama in Tokyo, and Shenzhen in China. The Pinko experience is not merely about fashion; it is an embodiment of an unapologetically glamorous lifestyle, where every detail tells a story of elegance and allure.

Photos by Francesco Gaù

Zurich Pinko Boutique Opening Guests
Organisers Darya von Bergen and Raffaella Rossiello
DJ Curly Brothers
Dinner at the LUX Restaurant Zurich

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