Rive Gauche Halloween Party 2015

To celebrate Halloween, Zurich’s restaurant and bar Rive Gauche organized a Halloween party hosted by Swiss model, businesswoman and television moderator, Racha Fajjari.

Guests were invited to enjoy a welcome drink and a fine dinner (which included dishes such as caviar, tartar and salmon), as well as tasty desserts, prosecco, wine, beer and soda. Costumes were encouraged for the special night. I was amazed to see so many creative, unusual and sometimes downright scary Halloween characters!

The location was great with its cozy sofas, nice dance floor, cigar lounge and beautiful bar area. The highlight of the party was the performance of DJ Tom Novy and Monica Babilon, who invited everyone to dance and have fun. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere created by the party, food , music and lively guests.

What a brilliant idea for restaurants to host holiday events. Well done, Rive Gauche!