Trip to Stanserhorn

Dear readers, let me share with you my most recent Swiss discovery – mount Stanserhorn, a beautiful hiking spot, situated in the canton of Niedwalden, not far from Lucerne canton.

It is easy to get to the quiet town of Stans by car or by train, after which the fun part of the journey begins: An old-time funicular built in 1893 takes you to the CabriO cable car station. From there it’s time to hop onboard the CabriO and head on up the mountain. On the trip up I was able to admire great views over Stans, such as, the valley of Engelberg, cows, sheep and working farmers. The high tech double-decker CarbriO is quite fast, has room for 60 persons and is the first convertible cable car in the world. In less than 6 minutes it took me to 1900 meters high the summit of mount Stanserhorn. I loved the 360° panoramic views of the lakes and small towns from the cable car and did not regret being on the roofless upper deck, – it was quite cold, but the views were breathtaking!

In addition to amazing views, the top of the mountain offers a restaurant and a nice terrace with tables where one can enjoy a coffee. I also went for a light hike to discover the surrounding areas. I even managed to meet Stanserhorn rangers (guides that have lots of stories to share), brave delta flyers and places where marmots live.















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