Streetparade Day Rave – Ameron Zurich Bellerive 

The First Street Parade in 1992 was an instant hit, birthing a new tradition in which each summer, hundreds of thousands of people throng and dance throughout the streets of Zurich, an exciting spectacle that must be seen to be believed. The event evokes a party atmosphere, with DJs playing various modern-day electronic music across eight stages, including multimedia and live acts.

Thirty love mobiles – colorfully decorated trucks with massive music systems – grace the Lake Zurich area.

The Street Parade is the largest techno party globally with people driving slowly through the crowds and dressed colorfully in an array of eye-catching costumes.
The Street Parade began as an event that promoted peace, love, tolerance, and freedom. In 1992, things were very different and attitudes were far more conservative. In 2022, music and the world, in general, have dramatically changed, and electronic music still enjoys as much popularity – if not more – than ever before! With each successive year, the Street Parade grows and has become a cultural event that encourages diversity among different people and from all walks of life.

Ameron Zurich Bellerive au Lac Hotel is located directly on the lake promenade in the city’s heart. This year, the hotel offered party guests the best view of the annual 2.4 km–long Street Parade route. Everyone watched the parade from the winter garden and the terrace, danced and enjoyed the street-style food and drinks from the bar amidst the party atmosphere.

Photos by Sanjeev Velmurugan