Valmont Elixir des Glaciers Essence Of Gold Sturgeon

In their never-ending quest for the beauty of nature, l’Elixir des Glaciers by the Swiss deluxe skincare brand Valmont unveils its third collection, deep-diving into a powerful and mysterious underwater world.

Marrying the know-how of master fish breeders – who invest in an ethical approach to raising Ossetra sturgeons – and the formulation genius of Valmont, l’Elixir des Glaciers’ new masterpiece takes us below the waves.

Remineralized by rare marine oligo-elements and super-charged with precious sturgeon DNA, two exceptional textures – Fluide Merveilleux and Crème Merveilleuse – join forces to pamper our senses – intensely.

With roots stretching back some 30 million years, the sturgeon is considered one of the oldest breeds of fish alive. With powerful, elegant movements and a charming upturned snout, sturgeons enjoy uncommonly long lives, often reaching – or even surpassing – the century mark. This secret to its long life rests in its DNA. Specifically, a molecule Valmont laboratories have managed to extract from the male gametes.

Sophie Vann Guillon, a co-owner of Valmont skincare,  likes to describe the fragrance as one of a fur coat or a boudoir – a vision of femininity and pleasure. This olfactory composition is so well balanced that a shocking number of men wear it too!

A veritable beauty potion, FLUIDE MERVEILLEUX melds with the skin thanks to its extra-fine, silky texture created with nano-emulsion technology. This treatment essence works like a pre-serum, boosting the skin’s glow and providing the precious minerals indispensable for dazzling beauty.

A treasure chest of beauty, CREME MERVEILLEUSE transforms the complexion while offering the skin a breathtaking sensory experience. At once opulently fine and lavishly generous, this treatment replenishes and sublimates the skin in sensory delight.

In honor of this building block of life, Didier Guillon conceived artistic and exclusive limited-edition packaging for CRÈME MERVEILLEUSE. Only 50 exist. Representing minimalism and elegance, the Artistic Director of Valmont Group offers his interpretation of the cell with a sphere gilded in 18-carat gold. This orb of gold contains the sumptuous Essence of Gold Sturgeon’s CRÈME MERVEILLEUSE. And it can be refilled as you desire.

Photos by La Maison Valmont.