3 Best Trails for Hiking in Zurich

Switzerland is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and if you get there, you may wonder what are the best hiking spots in Zurich?

With the incredible sceneries and various types of hiking trails, it would be hard not to find one to suit your needs.

All these trails can be reached from Zurich’s Main Station in less than 90 minutes and you will be able to spend your time in the unimaginable landscape.

3 Best Hikes Near Zurich

1. Hike from Üetliberg to Felsenegg

Starting at the top of Üetliberg, on this hike, you will be able to get an incredible view over Zurich. It’s an easy trail on a distance of about six kilometers and without many elevations. 

Also known as ‘The Path of Planets,’ the path follows our solar system, each meter equaling one million kilometers and takes you to see all the planets, including Pluto!

Photo by Nataliya Beglinger

2. Hike from Forch to Meilen on Trail Pfannenstiel

This trail will take you through the forest and offers some of the most unique landscapes. Take advantage of the high lookout tower which stands 30 meters above the ground and enjoy the 360 degrees view above the forest. 

It’s considered an easy trail, and it has about 11 kilometers, so you will spend about three hours exploring the scenery. Before you get back, make sure to check out the ruins of the Friedberg fortress, as well as the idyllic waterfall.

photo by Nataliya Beglinger

3. Hike on Trail Loorenkopf from Fällanden to Rigiblick

25 minutes from the Zurich Main Station you will find the incredible Trail Loorenkopf. Even though it can be considered a long hike, of about nine kilometers, you will be able to take this very pleasant walk from Fällanden, through the ravine and to the observation tower of the Glattal valley.

photo by Nataliya Beglinger

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