Aqvarossa Zurich – Swiss Fashion Label

AQVAROSSA is a young Swiss fashion label based in Zurich that focuses mostly on the urban outdoors — taking the warmth of nature and elegantly bringing it into daily life. The brand showcases a timeless yet modern design, avoiding the short trends that rush out products for the sake of being only for the moment.

The signature piece of AQVAROSSA’s collection is the alpaca coat. The coat is lightweight, warm, breathable, soft, water-repellent, and made with antiallergenic fibers. All of their coats, knitwear, and other accessories are designed to be both robust and stylish. Everything is Swiss quality and the products don’t sacrifice wearability for style or vice versa. As AQVAROSSA puts it themselves — they want elegance to feel good.

AQVAROSSA is genuinely committed to their mission of sustainable products that look great and function well, so their items are stylish but versatile for active lifestyles and often perfect for what they refer to as “tree season” (autumn, winter spring).

I had the pleasure of meeting AQVAROSSA’s general manager Christine Losser, and I learned about how they make a point to use the most exclusive natural fibers and fabrics from around the world so to be conscious of where the materials are coming from while still paying mind to what provides the best value. “Outstanding quality is our driving force,” Christine told me. “Quality is also the promise to our customers, partners, suppliers and the environment alike.”

Photos by Elisa Hutter and AQVAROSSA

Aqvarossa Oversized Alpaca Coat Sage