Chandon Garden Spritz Picknick Zurich

To celebrate precious summer moments with friends, CHANDON has for the first time launched a drink in the European market that captures the sun. Sophisticated and yet authentic, simple and yet fascinating, CHANDON Garden Spritz is an exceptional sparkling wine with a special twist: a unique orange bitters, handcrafted from local Argentine oranges, herbs and spices. Nothing more, just naturally delicious: no artificial flavors, no artificial coloring.

A delicious dry cuvée of the highest class, made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillon grapes from an altitude of about 1,000 meters on the winery in Mendoza forms

the basis of the sparkling wine. Only in this terroir and climate, the grapes get the degree of ripeness and acidity that CHANDON needs for production. Because the goal is to preserve CHANDON’s personality, terroir and authentic taste of the fruit.

The homemade aromatic and refreshing orange bitters are made from perfectly ripe Valencia oranges. They are grown on a pesticide-free, sustainable farm in Entre Rios, in northeastern Argentina, which has been farmed by one family for three generations. CHANDON macerates the orange peels in grape brandy, with a selection of herbs and spices from the finest terroirs. The result is a delicious bitter orange liqueur. Once mixed with sparkling wine, CHANDON Garden Spritz is the perfect companion for summer.

CHANDON Garden Spritz can be purchased in Paul Ullrich stores and on

Photos: Andrea Monica Hug

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Please enjoy responsibly.

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