“Tasting Not Wasting” at Baur Au Lac

Food is of big value, it is a luxury in a way, a necessity and something we should keep in mind to be grateful to have it. Unfortunately in Switzerland  more than 16 tons of food is wasted daily just from the retail trade because some food items no longer look presentable or they reached the end of their shelf life at the store. “Schweizer Tafel” is a Swiss foundation that helps people in need by distributing excess food to people affected by poverty.

To build a bridge between the food waste and a careful handling of food products and raise the awareness of this problem, the five star hotel in Zurich Baur Au Lac together with “Schweizer Tafel” organized for the second time the event “Tasting Not Wasting” in May 2018. The idea was to taste the dishes from the food with expired shelf life that was gathered from the stores of the city of Zurich. It was a charity dinner for selected companies and individuals that could taste the food, and in doing so support the idea of sustainable treatment of food.

The general manager of the Baur Au Lac Hotel Wilhelm Luxem and the fundraising president from Schweizer Tafel Beatriz Schreib talked about such common values as sustainability and authenticity and the importance of food waste problems in Switzerland. The executive chef of Bau Au Lac Maurice Marro created an excellent and diverse menu that included fish, meat and vegetable dishes, showcasing the perfect condition and taste of the products. Baur Au Lac offered complimentary wine from Baur Au Lac Vins to pair with the dishes.

The proceeds of the evening in the amount of 28 040 CHF were donated to „Schweizer Tafel”.

I enjoyed the dishes and the evening at Baur Au Lac that addressed a very important topic and served as a reminder to be more mindful in our relationships with food.

Photos by: coolisnki.com