Chenot Palace Weggis

Exciting news: Chenot has recently reached Switzerland! With breathtaking views over the Alps and private access to the relaxing shores of Lake Lucerne, the launch of Chenot Place Weggis manages to combine the best of Swiss natural landscape, with its beauty and peace, with a truly unique offer of health and wellness improvement.

Chenot Palace is Opened in Weggis, Switzerland

The exclusive health and wellness retreat opened in June 2020, perfectly located in the heart of the country: with breathtaking views over the Alps and private access to the relaxing shores of the Lake, it aims to unlock human potential by increasing medical and physical performance – perfect for any age, as Henri Chenot was one of the first to talk about “successful ageing”, and how the answer to a long and healthy life lies in the correct combination of genetics, lifestyle and environment. 

Chenot Palace and Chenot Diet

By offering a 360° approach to the union of Chinese medicine and Western practices through a science-based take on wellness: the Chenot Diet, a nutrition plan consisting of fresh, wholesome, non-processed and organic ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-glycating and alkaline properties, either through the Detox Menu or the Biolight menu. These seamlessly complements exclusive treatments aimed at purifying and detoxing the body under strict medical supervision, and promise an integrated and personalized approach to giving vitality to our lives.

Chenot Palace: Spa and Wellness

Additionally, facilities such as a cryochamber, a metabolic and sports lab, a 21-metre indoor swimming pool, a spa (spanning an incredible 5,000 sq. metres) and private access to the beach, all make it so easy for guests to access a complete lifestyle reset in one of the most beautiful healing destinations in the world. 

Chenot Palace: Chenot Method

Boosting truly state of the art diagnostics as well as a complete range of extremely advanced medical screenings and treatments, the Chenot Method°, developed by experts over fifty years of research, is felt in every corner at the new flagship property in Weggis. It’s an oasis of wellness, as Henri Chenot intended it, with the addition of a luxury hotel setting: we were able to be lucky guests there to witness it, and noticed a complete mental and physical renewal through recovering energy, strengthening resilience to stress and improving metabolism. 

The programmes are crafted for a one-week stay (7 nights & 6 days of treatments). Till 31.08.2020 there is an exclusive opening offer, the 3-night Detox – Discover Chenot Programme.

World-class results for a first-rate approach, as promised!