De Bethune Watches & Fort Aero

The Swiss luxury Independent watchmaker De Bethune and the worldwide aircraft operator Fort Aero formed in spring 2019 a partnership that blend both original designs and luxury services.

During Baselworld Watch Fair 2019, De Bethune proudly announced that it has been chosen by Fort Aero to be its exclusive watchmaking partner. Both companies share the same values that require extending the boundaries of technical innovation, discovering new materials, and seeking greater precision to bring a new exclusivity and refinement to their services.

“At De Bethune, we take watchmaking beyond its precious environment, and connect it with the ultra-active lifestyle of our clients today,” says Pierre Jacques, CEO of the company.

Fort Aero has offices in Estonia and Ukraine, as well as project offices in Hong Kong and Switzerland. The company operates business aircrafts that are extremely safe, comfortable, and high-quality, making aircraft ownership simple and easy.

It was a great experience discovering and learning more about the brand’s newest timepieces – all whilst onboard the comfortable Falcon 900LX – and celebrating both the state-of-the-art watchmaking and business aviation. At the Geneva airport in the lounge we were greeted by the teams of both companies, enjoying delicious snacks from the local suppliers organised by Bydehesa. De Bethune presented us on board of the jet its 5 pieces Limited Edition DB27 Fort Aero. Crafted from titanium in a blue finish, which defines the identity of both partners, the elegant contemporary chronometer DB27 is powered by the AUTOV2 caliber (hours, minutes and seconds). A magnificent detail: On the back of the watch, you can see the rotor which is a stylized in the shape of a turbine of a jet engine.