Flying over Switzerland with MFGZ

Let me share with you my flying experience that I recently had with MFGZ which stands for “Motorfluggruppe Zurich” (“motor flight group Zurich”). It is the biggest and oldest flight group in Switzerland.

MFGZ’s activities include running a flight school, operating scenic flights and handling and maintenance at Zurich Airport. There are several planes in the club. I flew in a Cessna 172. As a high wing airplane it allows an unlimited view downward.

During the flight I had the opportunity to take control of the plane after take off which was an extremely exciting and thrilling thing to do. Our captain, pilot-teacher of MFGZ Andreas Carl, was very helpful and explained every single move to us. When we reached the necessary height he took charge of the flight and I could lean back and enjoy the most gorgeous views over the lakes, valleys, cities and, of course over the Swiss Alps. I also enjoyed the fact that our captain showed us interesting spots, sights and places that one cannot easily recognize from above and pointed out some hidden gems we had never heard of. We flew with Andreas over Zurich, Lucerne, Brienz, Meiringen and landed at the small airport of Bern – Belp. There we had a cup of coffee and shared our thoughts about the flight and then flew back to Zurich admiring the beautiful afternoon sun and skies.

The take off and landing always take place among huge passenger airplanes, which makes everything even more exciting and special. All flights can be operated with the participation of a minimum of 2 passengers. Detailed information about possible routes and pricing can be found here. The club can also organize individual, custom made flights according to clients’ goals and wishes.

mfgz zurich

mfgz zurich11

mfgz zurich9

mfgz zurich2

mfgz zurich1

mfgz zurich4


mfgz zurich3

mfgz zurich5


mfgz zurich_

mfgz zurich7

mfgz zurich10
Pilot & teacher Andreas Carl

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