Jelmoli x Fischer’s Fritz: Summer Fashion Experience

Jelmoli Summer Fashion Experience took place for the second time after the successful kick-off in 2021. Jelmoli, Zurich’s premium Jelmoli, invited its lavish guests to enjoy a summer’s day at Fischer’s Fritz- a restaurant on Lake Zurich. 

Option Model Agency threw an interactive fashion show that Nadine Imboden directed. Models Manuela Tatjana Frey and Marco Andre Da Silva (among others) were styled by the talented Edgar Balseca Almagor. Mesmerizing the crowd, Sam Madi played the best music to complement the summery day.

The guests enjoyed the beautiful setup and had a selection of summer fashion items and accessories at the Jelmoli pop-up store. The pop-up store was positioned right next to the restaurant which served delicious food and an abundance of cool rosé.

Jelmoli Team