Katja Loher x Milchbar Paradeplatz Zurich 

Glowing planets featuring a kaleidoscope of moving colors and shapes illuminate the ceiling vault of the Milchbar. The installation is the work of Swiss video and visual artist Katja Loher, who has temporarily transformed the restaurant on Zurich’s Paradeplatz into a new universe.

Seven planets up to two meters in diameter form part of this unique Milky Way. Typically, Katja draws inspiration from relating ecological themes with philosophical questions.

In this galactic installation, Loher combines video with architecture and objects. The videos are projected onto floating spheres, which Katja Loher calls “video” planets. Since the beginning of her artistic career, Loher has worked with dancers, as well. They are filmed on a green floor from a bird’s-eye view and transposed in post-production against various backgrounds.

Her videos also appear in objects such as glass or 3D printing – or on an “objet trouvé” from nature, such as tree stumps, driftwood, rocks, or – in the case of the current installation –  on part of a whale’s spine.

Loher currently lives and works in New York, Menorca, and Zurich. At the Kunstdepot Altdorf, her permanent exhibition “Miniverse” is currently on display. 

The installation, “Light Play in the Universe” at Milchbar is expected to remain until January 2024.

Katja Loher and Michel Péclard
Dariush Péclard and Florian Weber
Darya von Bergen

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