Mode Suisse Edition 17

On March 9, 2020 Mode Suisse presented the défilés of selected Swiss fashion designers at the National Historical Museum (Landesmuseum) in Zurich. Amorphose, Mourjjan, Rafael Kouto, Garnison, AWS, Klaesi Holdener x Sol Sol Ito, Nomadissem, and students of the Swiss Textile & Fashion Institute presented their newest creations to the media and potential customers.

Unfortunately, because of the current guidelines of the Federal Council and City of Zurich regarding the coronavirus situation, the main show was not held at the Zurich central station but the stage, showrooms, and direct sales were set up in the foyer of the museum.

The highlight of this year’s spring edition was divided into three exciting shows. First, Nomadissem presented looks that were inspired by female explorers and adventurers by showing how fashion and the ecosystem could coexist. Klaesi Holdener’s, on the other hand, drew inspiration from French artist Frank Rausch’s paintings and worked with materials ranging from that of Japanese school uniforms to Swiss supplier Schoeller’s high-tech fabrics. Lida Noba returned to the Mode Suisse catwalk after successfully completing her master’s degree at the Institute Mode-Design in Basel. Her inspiration was the glorious and colourful Nasir-ol-Molk mosque in Shiraz and the warming verses of its best-known poet, Hafez.

The second show presented AWS’s take on the working-from-home situation by making business suits and outdoor jackets feel casual and cozy to depict a work-life balance.

The finale showed Rafael Kouto’s upcycling couture collection that drew inspiration from the climate and political changes and was presented in his signature shapes in earth tones with colorful accents.

Lida Noba Mode Suisse © Alexander Palacios
Aporeei Mode Suisse © Alexander Palacios
Garnison Mode Suisse © Alexander Palacios
Mourjjan Mode Suisse © Alexander Palacios
Nomadissem Mode Suisse © Alexander Palacios
Head Geneve Mode Suisse © Alexander Palacios
Klaesi Holdener x Sol Sol Mode Suisse © Alexander Palacios
Fashion Show © Johanna Hullar

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