Mode Suisse Zurich 2015 (Edition 7)

mode suisse

Mode Suisse is a platform that unites Swiss fashion with the European and International fashion world. The designers are both newcomers and established names, showing off their collections in Zurich and Geneva twice per year, in winter and autumn.

I attended Mode Suisse Zurich in February and discovered some new Swiss fashion names for myself that I am eager to share. Namely, I was glad to see the new collection of a designer I had already seen during Mercedes Benz Fashion Days, Julian Zigerli and his colorful men’s collection (love his bags by the way, quite unisex).

Since I like knitwear, I enjoyed the collection by Vivian Graf because everything looked so calm, classy and cozy. One could wear these looks during the cold winter and early spring days. The patterns and colors were also very appealing.

Additionally, I found the brand En Soie quite interesting and unusual. The collections reminded me of Russian and French styles combined with modern tendencies.

I was quite surprised to find out that the designer from Lucerne, SARO, made his debut into the fashion world. His collection looked very professionally made and had a lot of style, and I just loved his love elegant pieces.

For more details and pictures, visit the Mode Suisse website.

Enjoy the Swiss fashion!

PS. See below for the full list of designers exhibited at the 7th edition of Mode Suisse in Zurich:

mode suisse
mode suisse
julian zigerli
Julian zigerli