Monatik Concert Zurich

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Monatik, Ukrainian singer, dancer, choreographer, songwriter and composer, who is at the peak of popularity in the former CIS countries at the moment, had an amazing concert in Zurich at the Plaza club. We were lucky to talk to the artist and ask him a couple of questions. The performance in Zurich went very well, many people sang along to the songs, they were dancing and just having a great time together.

How did you find the warm welcome in Zurich?

Honestly is the most valuable thing for an artist. Considering the fact that the main goal of the artist is to share happiness with people and to help them to relax for at least 2 hours as much as possible. Our mission in Zurich was accomplished. I am happy.

Is it your first time in Switzerland, in Zurich? Did you manage to see something in town? Three words that come to mind when people say “Switzerland”?

This is not the first time we’ve come to Zurich – I already performed at corporate events in Switzerland. It is a wonderful country. People who live here are very calm, no one is in a hurry, there is a clear perception that people have stability and are confident in their future. And it seems like residents of the country value this a lot. I associate with “Switzerland” banks, chocolate and stability.

At the warm-up of which band would you be willing to perform for free?

I have actually never thought about it. I am happy that the warm-up period is in the past. Now we are invited to concerts on our own. I would be happy to work on the same stage with Florence, The Machine, Rosalia, Labrinth, Pharrell Williams…

Do you have any thoughts about an album in English? And thus any plans to conquer a foreign public?

We don’t want to take over the world with our music. With our music, we want to open up an exciting world.

You have travelled all over the world with your concerts: America, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Emirates etc. Who goes to concerts: immigrants from post Soviet countries or locals?

It is no secret that our main audience abroad are immigrants who have moved temporarily or for good. But I am also glad that a large number of foreign guests join them as well, they have fun at the concerts and do not hide their emotions.

Which countries (cities) do you like visiting with your family? Of course, after the most important place, home.

Due to my busy touring schedule I try to travel with my family. My profession helps to broaden the geography of my performances and visit incredibly beautiful places. After so many years of work I learned how to plan my work schedule correctly and to leave enough time for recreation and family.

Photo by Maya Dementyeva

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