Nespresso and Caran D’Ache

It is great to see how a brand’s commitment to sustainability also meets design and style.
Nespresso and Swiss manufacturer of the luxury writing instruments Caran D’Ache share mutual values of innovation, quality and sustainability.
The result of their recent collaboration is the pen “849 Nespresso”, made out of recycled Nespresso aluminum capsules. This elegant and trendy design accessory is the novelty of the office line of Caran D’Ache and at the same time a part of project “Second Life” that Nespresso launched in 2016.

I enjoyed learning about this new #NespressoSecondLife project, drinking the Arabica blend Nespresso Dharkan and enjoying its cocoa and roasted cereal notes as well as its silky texture while using the pen made of exactly these capsules.
While enjoying Nespresso coffee, do not forget to recycle the capsules and give them a chance to have the second life that can also look stylish and accompany you in your daily life. Find out more:

This article is a result of the friendly collaboration with Nespresso

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