One Day in Zurich – Top 10 Photo Spots

Zurich is full of beautiful sights, viewing points, squares, small streets and passages but if you have one day at your disposal and would like to take memorable photos in the city, you can focus on the following locations that will guarantee great Zurich captures.

Zurich City Tour – One day Itinerary in the City Center: 

  1. Augustinergasse – here you can enjoy the colorful buildings and Swiss flags that will perfectly frame your photos. Many local stores, restaurants, fountains – all right next to the main street in Zurich – Bahnhofstrasse
  2. Lindenhof – the whole Zurich skyline is seen from this elevated park where one can relax, enjoy the Zurich views from above and just have an icecream on a bench. 
  3. Schiffsteg (by the Storchen Hotel) – it is a water taxi stop – right at the water. Take a couple of very instagrammable shots and have a coffee at the water. Many locals love spending time there and do some people watching. 
  4. Quaibrücke – on this bridge you are guaranteed to have perfect postcard shots of the city. 
  5. Polyterrasse offers amazing old town views and allows you to have a look at the famous ETH University and enjoy the atmosphere of student life in Zurich 
  6. Bellevue is a great place for photos and having a short pause in the heart of the city. Admire the architecture of Opera House and just sit down on one of the public chairs on the square or have a refreshing drink in the cafes on the square. If it is hot – just cross the street to feel the breath of Lake Zurich and watch swans floating by. 
  7. Lake Zurich. Why not to enjoy the city from water? To hop on a public boat just head to the main port on Bürkliplatz which is also a great place for photos and a short walk along the lake. 
  8. Minster Bridge (Münsterbrücke) is a famous pedestrian and road bridge over the Limmat and it offers a perfect view of the Gross Münster church. If it gets busy on the bridge itself – step down towards the river (there is a small passage there) and take your shots there.
  9. Gross Münster – famous and the most iconic Zurich church can be visited and there is a also a possibility climb one of the towers to have a bird eye view of the city
  10.  Zurich Old Town – endless cafes, boutiques, galleries, restaurants on the both await you in the Zurich Old Town on the both banks of the Limmat river. 
Zurich Bellevue
Zurich Old Town
Zurich Augustinergasse
Minster Bridge view
Schiffsteg (at Storchen Hotel)
Lake Zurich
Zurich Polyterrasse

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