Restaurant “Bryn Williams at The Cambrian”

A restaurant graced with passionate and knowledgeable staff, sprinkled with a distinguished British-Welsh humour, coupled with plenty of Soho flair – this is the 4 star design and wellness hotel ‘The Cambrian’ that is also the home of ‘Bryn Williams at the Cambrian’. ‘The Cambrian’ remains a member of Design HotelsTM. This chic hideaway demands recognition, sizzling with awe. The breathtaking mountain backdrop compliments an almighty cuisine.

The ‘Master of Cuisine’ and ‘Chef Patron’ Bryn Williams hails from North Wales. He has undergone invaluable experiences cooking in London’s most prestigious restaurants. In addition, Williams has shared the kitchen with renowned Michelin starred giants, including Marco Pierre White at ‘The Criterion’ and Michael Roux at ‘Le Gavroche’.

By 2020, ‘Bryn Williams at The Cambrian’ was born – his third gourmet restaurant. With Will Gordon at the stove, injecting ingenuity, devotion, and experience – each and every customer is cared for in equal manner. Gordon has journeyed through Michelin starred restaurants, teaming up with prestigious chefs as he swept through England. It is in the breathtaking Swiss Alps that he has been reunited with his mentor Bryan Williams.

Chef Williams has become renowned for his alluring and ingenious dishes. Always created with the finest local produce, in turn, reflecting upon the hotel’s symbiosis of Swiss and Welsh influences.

During the press dinner in Zurich, journalists and influencers had the pleasure of meeting the chefs and got all the information about their work first hand. But perhaps equally important, was the delicious dinner they shared in Zurich, touched and glazed with an Alpine atmosphere that was recreated through wonderful decor.

Photos by Latifa Belhiba