Steve McCurry photography exhibition Zurich

148 large-format photographs by one of the most outstanding contemporary photographers are shown in Zurich till the 20th of October 2021. Among them is the photo Afghan Girl taken in 1984. This girl in traditional Afghani clothes with penetrating green eyes, one has already seen several times at the National Geographic magazine front page and many other publications. Eventually, this photo became a symbol of the magazine, and the photographer’s work in Afghanistan has taken its toll on his oeuvre, remaining woven with his artistic and journalist way.

“Just the simple fact of travelling and exploring in-depth different countries gives me joy and boundless energy” – says the photographer. And, looking at McCurry’s photographs, one can immediately observe this energy and beauty of ordinary things, which the artist carries through the lens of his photo camera with great mastery.

Steve McCurry was born in Philadelphia, USA, in 1950. For more than 40 decades the World knows him as one of the most influencing contemporary photographs and photojournalists. He worked and continues to work at all continents and in numerous countries, capturing daily life, so usual for local people and so extraordinary for others. He photographs wars and victories, tragedy and joy, portraits, nature, cities, animals – at McCurry’s prints, one can see the whole World. The World, which is no matter what, so beautiful and so inspiring.

At the exhibition, all represented prints are not vintages, but large, bright prints performed especially for the show. One can borrow an audio guide, which significantly expands the perception of the exhibition: in English, the artist himself comments on his photographs.