Swiss Premium Cellular Cosmetic Brand Cellcosmet

The premium Swiss cellular cosmetic brand “Cellcosmet” is world-renowned for its mastery of cellular technology. Since 1982, Cellcosmet has been crafting top of the line products,  formulated and manufactured locally in Switzerland. Their skin revitalising facial and body products are enriched with cells kept in a stabilised state, thus improving skin’s radiance and preventing its aging.

The brand has two lines: “Cellcosmet” for women, including its specific product range “Cellcosmet CellEctive” for mature skin, and “Cellmen” for men. Their products are all formulated with the very best cellular or/and phyto ingredients providing high performant results tailored to the skin’s gender, physiological age and problematic. The cellular ingredients are cellular extracts obtained by biotechnology and maintained in a stabilised state to preserve their revitalising properties thanks to the brands’ exclusive CellControlTM method. Some highlights of the brands are:

  • Every step of production is managed in house, from the reception of raw materials to the shipment of finished products
  • Each product has an expiration date, which guarantees top quality and highest efficiency
  • Flawless quality in every skincare product is guaranteed. Therefore, products have unique packaging (also produced in house) – an example of which is the patented square jar of the signature day and night cellular cream Cellcosmet Ultra Vital. The face cream is stored in this form to ensure closure of the jar and to better preserve the product.

A favorite of ours is the daily Cellcosmet face ritual, which comes recommended by skin experts. It includes products for cleansing and toning, as well as revitalising, smoothing and hydrating.

Cellcosmet and Cellmen are available in many high-end salons and spas. But the accessibility of their products – Cellcosmet online store and at selected points of sales – also means that you can enjoy an elevated beauty experience right from the comfort of your own home.

Photos by Cellcosmet

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