Weekend in Zermatt

Zermatt, being one of the most famous ski resorts in Switzerland is also a great place to just get away for a weekend and enjoy the town and its surroundings. Apart from skiing and sledging, one can go for long walks and hikes, relax in the local restaurants, cafes and bars as well as get to the highest viewing points and admire the best views on the iconic mountain Matterhorn.

Here are my weekend highlights:

  • Discover the town: Zermatt is not as small as it may appear; it is worth having a walk though the whole town. The cute houses, chalets, luxurious hotels, shops and fresh air will not disappoint you. For a short break and a drink I tried Chalet Hotel Schönegg (on the terrace overlooking Matterhorn during the sunset, with comfy lounge sofas), restaurant Grampis (great for a drink after dinner), Seilerhaus (for a cup of coffee on the fresh air), Brasserie Lusi (champagne, good music and just in the center of the town).
  • Gornergrat is a must while in Zermatt! It is an amazing place, around 4000m above sea level with the best views on Matterhorn and 29 other alpine peaks. You can get there by the Gornergrat railway, the second highest railway in Europe!
  • Scenic light hike down the hill: step off the train from Gornergrat to Zermatt at the station Riffelalp and walk towards the town. Beautiful forests, ski slopes, chalets, and Matterhorn will follow you along the way. Try traditional regional “Walliser Platte” (local cheese and meet plate) at the Restaurant Chämi-Hitta and relax on the sunny patio.

I stayed in the hotel Walliserhof that has been hosting guests since 1896 and is located just on the main street of the town. I liked the traditional Swiss flair of the place, typical regional interior and furniture and reasonable prices.