Zurich Opera House Warehouse – Fundus Kügeliloo 

Fundus Kügeliloo is a large storage building that was taken over by the Opera House Zurich in 2000. It was formerly known as the Oerlikon-Bührle AG machine tool factory but now serves as the ultimate storage facility for stage sets, costumes, and props. In 2021, the building was extensively renovated and modernized, and the storage capacity doubled.

The warehouse houses over a hundred thousand costumes, furniture items, props, spotlights, and half of all the opera and ballet stage sets! Without this warehouse, repertoire operations at the opera house would not be possible. That is why efficient transport and storage systems are essential and highly appreciated.

The building sits between a small residential neighborhood and an architectural settlement.

For a repertory theater like the Opera House Zurich, a high-performance operation with 250 opera and ballet performances per year, renting external warehouses was crucial to ensure they could enjoy room to maneuver and operate efficiently. Thanks to the recently renovated Fundus Kügeliloo storage facility, it is now possible to massively reduce the rental costs of these storage areas. The Kügeliloo renovation is a sensible investment.

We looked inside the warehouse and were amazed by the variety of costumes and stage details.

Photos by Elisa Hutter