Opera House Zurich Open Doors 2022

Photo: Tanja Krebs

Once per year Zurich Opera House opens its doors to the public right before the season start. Zurich citizens and tourists have a unique chance to discover the Opera House, its numerous departments, meet and talk to the ballet dancers, performers and employees.

The extended program included a tutu exhibition, opera, ballet and orchestra rehearsals, costume department viewings, the opportunity to take part in the ballet training right on the central square in Zurich. Many workshops showcased such areas of the theater as carpentry, prospectus painting, sculpture, lighting, upholstery and so on.

The “Erröfnungsfest” at the Opera House Zurich makes it possible for the visitors to have a glimpse behind the scenes, ask questions and feel the atmosphere of being on stage for once on the other side of the curtains.

Photos: Tanja Krebs
Photo: Tanja Krebs