Anastasia Frei Hats and Accessories

Created in 2011 in Zurich, Anastasia Frei Hats and Accessories showcases the appreciation of everyday life through exclusive designs. Anastasia’s interpretations and peculiarities of hat making are nothing less than inspiring. “For me it is important to bring beauty and harmony into this world”, says the designer. “I often feel this calling to create something delightful and appealing. And when I am seized with this feeling, I manage to craft my best works”.  

Anastasia’s imagination radiates through each of her creations. Drawing influence from Paris during the 1950s–1970s, Anastasia’s designs are unique and limited edition. Some hats are handmade and personalized using hand embroidery. The designer is alway open to collaborate on tailor-made projects with clients.

Anastasia Frei’s creations are usually made of rare and sought-after textiles as well as goods sourced from nature. You can find berets, wooden hats, straw and fascinator hats.

The Panama Straw Hat uses high-quality straw made with an elegant weave that makes the hat durable yet also keeps out UV rays. Special semi-artisanal production in Ecuador gets its decorations finish, personalisation and the character and soul already at the atelier in Zurich.

Anastasia’s fascinator hats are detailed with made-to-order accoutrements such as feathers, a veil, silk roses, and other fine sources. All hats are handcrafted at the atelier in Zurich and use the finest fittings available.

While visiting the designer in Zurich, upon entering her beautiful and original atelier, one could easily see her creative spirit shining through. An Anastasia Frei online store is full of lovely pieces but meeting the passionate creator in the place where the magic happens is always a blast.

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