Beyer Watches meets Breitling’s Ambassador Dominique Gisin

Switzerland’s oldest watch retailer Beyer Watches and the Swiss watch brand Breitling arranged an inspiring meet and greet with the Breitling Ambassador Dominique Gisin.

Dominique Gisin celebrated great successes during her career as a top athlete, such as winning the gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in downhill. Since the end of her career, she has continued her personal success story as a passionate pilot. Together with Breitling, we were able to spend a wonderful evening with the former top athlete and, above all, an incredibly exciting personality.

“I signed partnership with Breitling one day after achieving my private pilot license (PPL). It has been quite a while since and I am still very pleased being accompanied by a watch almost every pilot would choose to take on board” says Dominique.

By the way, Dominique Gisin is soon be featured in the Beyer Talk podcast and her book A True Athlete is now available on her website.