Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero

Hublot, a Swiss watch brand founded in 1980, specializes in the creation of high quality watches and their luxury innovations are all made with skill and uniqueness.
One of their most recent artistic collaborations of Hublot displays for the second time the ‘Lipstick’ – the iconic work of the master of Storytelling Art Marc Ferrero. The watch’s design perfectly reflects the contrast between day and night – light and darkness. The white is delicate and elegant while the black is powerful and enticing.
Marc Ferrero has expressed his thoughts and feelings about his creation by saying:

“I love the power of black and white. Shade and light. Yin and Yang. One is profound, unclassifiable, eternal. The other is subtle, ethereal, timeless. They symbolize antitheses and complementarity. Choosing black and white means getting straight to the point without an excess of tonalities. The black and white make ‘Lipstick’ even more graphic and its red lipstick – more magnetic.”

Hublot Big Bang One Click watches have a lacquered dial, calf and a rubber strap. However, one is predominantly white while the other features black ceramic. These two limited-edition watches represent two opposites which exist to complement each other. The red lips are the most striking feature as they stand out on both timepieces. ‘Lipstick’ glorifies the modern woman who is portrayed as confident, bold and strong. The red stands out in daring defiance.

It was a privilege to meet the artist Marc Ferrero he always impresses with his enthusiasm, creativity and energy.