Caviar Evening – Maison La Prairie x Petrossian

At the recently opened Maison La Prairie, SwissGlam guests were treated to an exclusive caviar discovery event. At the core of the evening was a captivating exploration of two distinct realms of caviar: the cosmetic and gastronomical. 

While Maison La Prairie is renowned for its luxurious skincare products infused with the essence of caviar, the soirée offered guests an additional indulgence – a Petrossian caviar tasting experience.

Guiding guests through this epicurean journey was Petrossian’s Caviarologue, Nicolas Berhault. Each precious pearl of caviar, refined over several months, was showcased in its original and final container, allowing it to breathe and evolve under the gentle influence of micro-oxygenation.

During the immersive caviar tasting session, guests engaged their senses in a symphony of flavors and textures:

SIGHT (Appearance): As guests beheld the caviar before them, they marveled at its size, color, and intensity, laying the groundwork for an unforgettable sensory experience.

SMELL (Scent): The aroma of the caviar, whether imbued with the essence of the sea or delicately scentless, tantalized the olfactory senses, offering a glimpse into the depths of its flavor profile.

TOUCH (Texture): With a gentle touch, guests explored the texture of the caviar, noting its density and luxurious creaminess, which added layers of complexity to each delectable bite.

TASTE (Flavors): As each pearl burst upon the palate, a tapestry of flavors unfolded, revealing notes of umami, nuttiness, and hints of fruits and vegetables. Each a testament to the craftsmanship and expertise of Petrossian.

SOUND (Listening): Beyond the palate, guests delved into the rich history and origin of the caviar they sampled, deepening their appreciation for this culinary treasure.

Following the enlightening tasting session, guests were invited to enjoy hand treatments and champagne, expertly curated to complement Maison La Prairie’s caviar-infused skincare products. Dr. Daniel Stangl, Director of Innovation for La Prairie, led the introduction, seamlessly bridging the connection between luxury skincare and the world of caviar.

It was a night filled with elegance, sophistication, and sensory delight, where Maison La Prairie set the stage for an unforgettable exploration of indulgence, leaving guests captivated by the allure of caviar and the artistry of luxury skincare.

Photos by Anastasia Diadio 

Laurent Christin, La Prairie
Nicolas Berhault, Petrossian caviar
Dr. Daniel Stangl, La Prairie
Dr. Daniel Stangl and Nicolas Berhault
SwissGlam guests

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