Chez Vrony Ruinart Raclette at Widder Hotel

The Widder Hotel and Ruinart champagne bring the charming Alpine flair of the Valais region directly to the heart of Zurich’s Old Town. From the 9thof November 2018 till mid-February 2019 the culinary delights and rustic style of the legendary Zermatt mountain restaurant Chez Vrony can be enjoyed in Zurich!

If you find yourself missing the mountains, Swiss chalets and typical Swiss winter dishes you will definitely take comfort in the wooden Alpine house offered at the Widder Hotel, which includes raclette and Ruinart champagne best experienced in a cozy setting.

The popular ski restaurant-lodge Chez Vrony is situated just along the ski slopes of one of the most scenic ski resorts in Switzerland – Zermatt – and it is famous for its signature cheese plates. The unique Ruinart champagne cheese was hand-prepared specifically for the Widder hotel.

The interior of the temporary chalet in the hotel is reminiscent of the Alpine hut in Zermatt. For example, Vrony’s brother manufactured his well-known wooden chairs especially for the new location. Wooden planks, deer antlers and cuddly fur make the cozy-rustic hut Chez Vrony x Widder Hotel a trendy lifestyle chalet in the heart of Zurich.

Enjoy the raclette selection with the Zermatt cheese and a glass of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and Ruinart Rosé for the price of CHF 99 per person. The menu also includes bread, a meat plate as a starter and a very tasty apple pie as a dessert.

Photos by Reto Turotti

The Widder Hotel

Rennweg 7

8001 Zürich

Everyday from 17:30

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