Energy Air 2018

Energy Air music event from the Radio Energy Switzerland took place for the fifth time in Bern. Around 40,000 people from 1,600 Swiss communes had the pleasure of enjoying more than 14 acts at the stadium Stade de Suisse.

Among the international acts there was German-Spanish singer Alvaro Soler on stage with his hits “El Mismo Sol” and “Sofia”; Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James and German singer Max Giesinger.

Many Swiss acts were performing in Bern this year, among the like were young musician Nickless, rapper Bligg, rockpop band Hecht, rap band Lo & Leduc and soul and pop singer Marc Sway.

It was a very entertaining music evening in Bern! It was great to sing along to some of my  favourite songs like “079” with Lo & Leduc in Swiss German or “Always” and “The Blowers Daughter” with Gavin James.

Photos by Radio Energy Switzerland.

Swiss singer Steff La Cheffe EnergyAir
Swiss singer Steff La Cheffe EnergyAir
Swiss singer Bligg EnergyAir

Swiss singer Nickless EnergyAir
Swiss singer Nickless EnergyAir
German singer Max Giesinger EnergyAir
American singer Matt Simons EnergyAir
German-Spanish singer Alvaro Soler EnergyAir
Swiss band Hecht EnergyAir
Swiss band Hecht EnergyAir
Swiss band Lo & Leduc EnergyAir
British singer Gavin James EnergyAir
EnergyAir Stade de Suisse

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