Famo Zurich -Japanese Restaurant

The recently opened Japanese restaurant in Zurich FAMO is intertwined with a pleasant atmosphere offering subtleties of Japanese cuisine. The open fire Konro grill is where you’ll find a truly delicious variety of kushiyaki. They incorporate cooking with charcoal into the entirety of the menu. These versatile methods induce incredible flavours – from sushi, to kushiyaki, to irresistible main courses.

When pondering different regions of unusual cuisine, one is often brought to the Japanese cuisine. The team here at Famo’s inject familiarity to even the most curious dishes by providing each mouthful with a succulent, smoky flavour that is made possible by the dual-zone cooking magic of the Konro grill.

From a delectable array of Japanese beverages in a cozy but atmospheric environment, the flavours of authentic Japanese cuisine will seduce. The collections of Japanese beverages work harmoniously with the unique setting. Immersion into the wondrous world of magnificent culinary traditions in a spectacular fine dining setting takes place.

The most knowledgeable of connoisseurs will be dazzled by an extensive list of delicious wines and classic cocktails. It appears that no two visits at Famo are ever the same as each experience offers new surprises made possible by the ever evolving staff.

On weekends, the ambiance is shifted by symphonic live music that flows into the night. DJ’s and live performers set the tone for an enticing evening of delights.

Photo by Oleg Kushnir from the Opening Night organized by FeverFriends

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