Jeppe Hein x Ruinart: Art Basel 2022

The Maison Ruinart has always used art to understand our world, make connections with each other and raise our awareness. Each year, Ruinart presents contemporary international artists with a “Carte Blanche” to interpret the Maison’s history and expertise through their art. In recent years, Liu Bolin (2018), Vik Muniz (2019), and David Shrigley (2020/2021), among others, have offered their artistic interpretation.

In 2022, the Carte Blanche of Maison Ruinart went to Jeppe Hein, an artist who knows exactly how to touch people’s hearts. The Danish artist who currently lives and works in Berlin develops works that always involve the public. His installations modify the relationship between work, viewer and space and provoke dialogue.

An artistic installation that translates artist’s sensorial journey in Champagne RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW was presented during the Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland in June 2022. The visual artist translates his first impressions of the Ruinart terroir into individual fragments of materials and emotions that awaken our senses while making each one of us the center of a wonderful interactive experience. The participatory installation appeals to the five senses and summons four elements – earth/soil, water/rain, air/wind and fire/sun – which are essential to champagne making. A grape, a piece of wet chalk and the specific smell that hovers over the vineyard lingering over the vines.